I understand this is how they successfully eradicated smallpox. A lot of windows were sacrificed.

Alright, enough pleasantries. With this comic I must also deliver sad news.

They’re closing your favorite Cuban sandwich shop. Yes. It’s true. For good.

Now, before you hurl yourself out that window, I have more terrible, terrible news.

You know me, I am a creature of stark realism. I tells it like it is. As such, it’s pretty clear by now that realistically, I cannot maintain the three comic a week schedule. At least, not in a timely manner that allows me to conjure them with all the right bits and shades. Corners have been cut. Workers worn down. Tears shed, though, not by me.

So! As of this comic, we’re going to switch to TWICE a week, and not just that, the comics will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as opposed to those other three days whose names escape me. I think one of them starts with an H. I know, this means you will have to miss that wedding, but look, we all know that it isn’t going to last. Why spend money to get dressed up for that when you can just wear the outfit at your computer and peruse my visual delicacies. You’ll be all fancy and stuff.

Alright. Now you know. Go ahead with the window hurling. I hope you will put yourself back together by TUESDAY.