I had to drive out to a gas station and at gun point, obtain one of these brochures. Mind you, it was the attendant with the gun, he really needed to get rid of the brochures.

I’m a nice guy, so I took all of the brochures and maybe just a little bit of his arm. Judging from the way he was holding the firearm, he was left handed so he won’t be missing the bit I took.

I understand if you have trouble recalling the exact story of Coma Valley’s Old Town. Kaens regales his troubling passenger starting in this comic.

However, gun to my head, if I were to summarize, the city of Coma Valley suffered a mild outbreak of cannibalism. A new mayor swept in to quickly contain the situation, while the old mayor probably went somewhere much nicer. A little fence was thrown up around the crispy region, which is guarded by soldiers in fashionable vests.

It does wonders for tourism, so I hear.

Bring your cameras Thursday.