Okay, so, most of you have probably died by now, and bones should be plentiful. I really probably should do something about the vulture problem here.

Listen, I want you to imagine you’re sitting on your dread throne, or more likely, at a desk, and you’re working hard to conjure the next craze to sweep the entities that read your comic. Suddenly, your door is kicked open. By who, you ask? It’s probably the velociraptor now standing in the door frame, screaming the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by The Beatles. You would sing along, but you’re now anxious about what that creature’s claws did to your door, and if this will cause a forfeiture of your deposit to the many eyed and tentacled beast that also takes your rent in the form of churros and human sacrifice.

Now imagine you had to deal with that, AND had to come up with all the insanely witty epitaphs in this comic, and had to pore through human baby name books to figure out what name would be perfect for a dead, cindering security guard at a cemetery? Why does Coma Valley Cemetery have such intense security, you ask? You didn’t? Well, damn. Okay. I’ve also been working on figuring out how to change certain things about the website. How can I make human eyes bleed JUST the right amount, you know? Like, I’m trying to get it down to the cubic centimeter, here. You think this is easy?

Well, it isn’t. I hope to see you bright and early Monday!