It’s Tuesday, and as promised, here is a comic.

I can tell from your expression and also complete lack of flesh remaining on your bones that you were under the impression that this comic would arrive a lot sooner.

Now, I could tell you that I got sidetracked by a great deal of very pressing real  world matters. I could weave a tale about how like a dark cloud, responsibilities loomed over my head and began to rain acid upon my already ruined skin. I could tell you a story of suspense, tragedy, action, the whole works, wherein all the time I could have used working on the comic was messily devoured.

Or, I could tell you the simple truth, and explain that it simply took me a long time to infect that child, Timothy, with cancer in order to make the comic work.

I only deliver authenticity here at Inc. & Associates Ltd.

While I was busy with those things, the mechanisms by which this site operates kept… evolving, without my consent. Consequently, a few things are out of place. My specialist, unfortunately, is in Scotland, and is unable to hear my phone calls over the droning of bagpipes. Will sort it out.

The next comic should be devoid of any complicated diseases, so expect it Thursday.