What a nice nap I had.

Alright, so most of you are but spooky skeletons at this point, but you know what? It’s sort of an improvement, really. I mean, you did not do enough exfoliating, let’s be honest. Now you don’t need to worry about that. All that skin is in the past. You look slim. Fit. Lean. Your rattling bones are music to my ears. Their clatter breaks the long silence that preceded today.

The past few of months were filled with a great deal of not-comics, a terrible and dark hiatus that spiraled out of control like a plane piloted by orphaned children strung out on cocaine. It took a long while to wrestle the controls from them. A very long while.

Perhaps you hovered over my rambling, hoping for some screaming of the return of your favorite colors and lines. Possibly, you stared achingly into a book, watching ever vigilantly for some sign of hope. If you are one of those people, I must express my admiration for your astounding resilience, patience, and bladder capacity. I extend unto you my greatest of gratitudes. I saved it in the fridge, just for you.

Let’s hope it’ll still be good by Friday.