Okay, okay, I admit, we’re both to blame here. But since I’m so busy working on vomiting these panels out in glorious technicolor, you’re gonna have to take a double shift and shoulder both shares of the blame, okay? Nature gave you two shoulders for a reason, and now you can finally put those hideous lumps of skin to use.

You’re probably wondering who Daniel is. Truth is, we’re probably never going to see him again. Daniel’s a busy guy. Ever since he got in a scuffle in prison during the mid 1920s, killing two other inmates before being finally overcome, Daniel’s been making chairs day in and day out. AND HE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Well, he would be, if they ever got the thermostat working properly, and didn’t have to work with terrible quality lumber, or had anything to drink that wasn’t warm melted slushies. Look, all these questions you’re asking about Daniel, it’s kind of creepy. I’m not going to give you his number, okay? Just accept that he’s out of your league.

The colors were smeared across the layers by me this time, and yes, your headache is probably now a little bit worse. It’s really difficult coloring with these. But no amount of dexterous handicaps, velociraptors, or court injunctions will stop me from trying. Unless, of course, I find someone else to spit the colors for me. I’d ask you, but your shoulders seem to be already buckling from prior obligations. Man, bet you regret not hitting the gym, huh? Try to hold out until Friday, at least, alright?