Sometimes I look out from atop my black tower, surveying the legions of goblins working tirelessly below to create my dread army of orc-men hybrids, and I think to myself… “They aren’t working fast enough.”

And neither am I! True, true, this comic did take, as usual, a long time to go up today, but that’s due to two factors. Firstly, the local authorities are getting bolder, and smarter. Detective Branders, the woman in charge of the investigation, is starting to realize that I can actually fly from crime scene to crime scene, which puts her one step closer to tracking my location. So I had to write her a lengthy, taunting letter commending her for her deductive skills, along with a riddle hinting at the location of the next scene. Secondly, I made this with Mango Studio EX, as opposed to your more traditional Abode Photoship, and it took a while to understand that they’re pretty damn similar. Though to be honest, Mango Studio seems to have a greater “feel” when it comes to pressure sensitivity, and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Don’t worry about the other one, locked in combat as he is. We’ll see how things turn out for him after we go for a car ride out on the town come Wednesday.