Forged in the fires of Mt. Bakery, tempered in the yeast of the elves, the great sword Panem goes into battle, for the first, and possibly last time.

See, this is why I’ve cemented all my vents shut. It’s such a hassle when gelatinous creatures start to occupy my walls. I’ve lost a lot of security deposits thanks to this sort of thing. My guests complain about it sometimes though, which is also irritating. Something about being able to breathe. I dunno, it’s hard to understand through all the gasping and throat clutching.

Look I know you’re getting sick of bread, jam, that dark green wall paper, the monstrous insect mounted on your head with its awful appendages lodged into your skull. I’m sure we’ll see this plot line wrap up soon. I mean, the head bug isn’t gonna go away but those other things might.

We can only hope that this brave, crazy individual, clad in wheat and chaff, can resolve this conflict. Messily. So that we may return to your uh… regularly scheduled… programming. Whatever that was.

Well, whatever happens, I think we can both agree that our week sure has been jam-packed.

See you Monday.