Good evening!

Look, yes, it’s super late. I know, I shouldn’t be here, standing at your bedside as you slept. I thought you should know, you snore like a roiling, thunderous, eternal storm, forever wandering deep within the recesses of a gas giant, unknown to any astronomer. Alone, lost, it knows only the inky darkness of its world, and the cacophony of roiling static and gases.

No no, don’t get up, I’ve already eaten your gun. Thanks for leaving that out for me, by the way. Some late night visitors only get milk and cookies, but you. You left me guns, ammunition, Pog, and a baseball bat. You and every other house I’ve visited tonight.

Anyway, I should apologize for showing up like this. It’s been difficult maintaining this three day a week schedule as of late. I’ve been getting better at actually making the comics in a shorter amount of time, but it’s been harder to find the time to do them, thanks to global warming.

I’m pretty much going to get a head start on Wednesday’s comic. With luck, I’ll have it up as Wednesday’s wretched face walks over your skyline.