Now begins this glorious cacophony of lines and colors.

You may be familiar with the faces I throw at you here and now. You may be confused, lost, irritated, upset, sweaty, blinking rapidly and bleeding profusely from the nose.

All of that is completely normal. I wouldn’t worry about it, or consult any of your surviving physicians.

With this new four paneled dosages of madness, I intend to assault your vision THREE times this week. That’s right folks, your Wednesday looks even worse now, and you might as well cancel your Friday. We’ll see if next weeks promises to be more of the same. Consult your local meteorologist for more.

The site that you’re now trapped in functions well enough, far as I know. It IS incredibly basic but I am consulting my coventry of warlocks, who assure me that they’re just a few salamander tails short of total site beauty, and I should just let them out of the basement already. I will keep you posted, stop giving me that look. For now, if you spot any non-intentional mistakes in the architecture, do tell us in the comments, preferably in English, toned with exasperation and horror.

The colors of today’s comic can actually blamed on someone else, as I’m still getting used to working with all these pigments of blood.

I look forward to this dysfunctional relationship that you and I will share.